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Appinium Implementation Service

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What is Appinium?


Appinium is a native Salesforce app
designed with features for online learning platforms

It can also be used as a replacement for Sales Enablement (formerly My Trailhead), which will become EoR in August 2024.
You can utilise videos and materials to support a variety of use cases, including training,quizzes,
and certificate issuance for employees, customers, and partners.

A successor to Sales Enablement!

for Customers

Easy customer onboarding!

  • Training sessions
  • Introduction of support systems
  • Collecting feedback
  • Provide resources

for Partners

Realise effective data sharing!

  • Video coaching
  • Role play training
  • Product introduction
  • Demo video

for Employees

Improve your teams’ skills!

  • Role play training
  • Employee onboarding
  • Webinar learning
  • Certification exam preparation

Get motivated with badges and certificates!

  • Get badges
  • Set expiration date of certificates
  • Award certificates
  • Manage badge acquisition

Strengths of Appinium

Variety of quizzes and assessments

  • True/false
  • Multiple choice
  • Numbers/Text
  • Fill in the blank type questions

Flexible customisation and intuitive UI

  • YouTube-esque experience
  • User-specific customisation
  • Sandbox environment
  • Track viewed content

About WeLearn’s implementation and operation services


App Implementation

A dedicated engineer will be in charge of implementation and support in identifying issues, defining requirements, adjusting the Salesforce environment, and operating the service.

Service Support

We provide online training in Japanese and English, support when problems occur in your environment, and help you make improvements when you need them.
Experience Cloud新規構築・環境改修のイラスト

Experience Cloud

We can design and build a new environment for Experience Cloud. We can also modify your existing environment if necessary.
Sales EnablementからAppiniumへの移行のイラスト

From Sales EnablementTo Appinium

Migrate content and data from Sales Enablement to Appinium to quickly and seamlessly establish new training environments.

We are an official sales partner of Appinium



Demo and consultation available
Please contact us with your inquiries

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