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Infomation Security Basic Policy

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  • (A guiding principle for operations)
    With regard to Welearn Co.Ltd., we aim to be a reliable company with the goal of gaining the satisfaction of all the people involved in the core infrastructure, software development support projects, and education business.

  • (1)Take organizational and technically appropriate measures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets, and respond to changing technology and new threats.

  • (2)In order to implement information security education for all employees and thoroughly disseminate policies, act to raise and maintain consciousness.

  • (3)Set up the management system and information security purposes, regularly review, and continue to improve and maintain.

  • (4)Deliver responsibility and authority to the manager in order to maintain and improve the management system.

  • Established January 11, 2022
    WeLearn Co., Ltd.
    ​CEO Kanta Yamaguchi ​