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Are there any restrictions on academic qualifications, gender or other factors when applying?
There is no limitation. Employment is open to all genders, educational backgrounds and ages.
Can I apply even if I live outside of Tokyo?
Interviews can be conducted via web meeting, so those living outside of Tokyo are also welcome to apply.
Can I apply even if I live in abroad?
You can apply, but your primary residence must be in Japan for tax purposes.
Can I apply if I am not Japanese?
There is no restriction based on nationality. However, as a condition of application, the following is required.
⇒Hold or expect to hold a Japanese working visa.
What is the process from application to job offer and how long does it take to receive an offer?
The basic steps for the application process are as follows.
①Application ⇒ ②Resume screening ⇒ ③First interview (HR) ⇒ ④Final interview (CEO) ⇒ ⑤Offer
The time taken to make an offer is approximately two weeks to one month.
How are personal documents and information handled?
The personal information received at the time of applying is properly managed and stored according to our data protection rules.
After the selection, we will discard it immediately. Please note that we will not respond to the return and inquiry of the application documents.
Are there any transfers?
we listen to the wishes of each person, and adjust the needs of each department to determine a position transfer.
Is there any overtime work?
Depending on the project, basic overtime is less than 20 hours per month. Due to team assignments, amount of work and holidays can be adjusted between team members.